Pankaj Zanke: Driving Business Analytics Innovation and Excellence at Sapiens


New Delhi [India], May 25: Pankaj Zanke, a distinguished Senior Technical Analyst at Sapiens, is a seasoned leader in the realm of Business Analytics. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Pankaj specializes in deciphering complex business requirements and datasets to extract invaluable insights. His expertise extends across various domains including insurance, healthcare, retail, and banking, where he has spearheaded numerous data and business analytics initiatives catering to a diverse range of clients.

One of Pankaj’s notable achievements lies in his ability to lead multiple data and business analytics initiatives across different sectors of the industry, including insurance (healthcare, auto, commercial line, property and casualty, workers compensation), retail, and banking. His work impacts not only hundreds of business partners but also millions of customers, showcasing his ability to drive significant change and deliver tangible results.

At Sapiens, Pankaj has played a pivotal role in developing and implementing business and data analytics strategies tailored to the specific needs of insurance clients. His proactive approach towards leveraging data science and analytics has led to the creation of robust predictive modeling techniques, including customer engagement and churn rate algorithms using machine learning techniques such as Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.

Pankaj Zanke, has been honored as Most Prominent Industry Expert – 2024 Georgia, in Insurance Data Management & Analytics Leaders Category. Recognized by Business Mint Nationwide Awards 2024, his expertise and leadership stand as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

Furthermore, Pankaj has demonstrated his problem-solving prowess and critical thinking abilities by leading the development of a business analytics model aimed at identifying fraudulent drivers for insurance clients. This initiative involved analyzing millions of data points to effectively mitigate risks and safeguard the interests of insurers and policyholders alike.

Pankaj’s expertise goes beyond technical proficiency; he excels in understanding diverse business needs and translating them into actionable insights. His adeptness in modernizing legacy systems to embrace cloud and AI technologies underscores his commitment to driving innovation and efficiency within the industry.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Pankaj is actively engaged in various academic and community endeavors. As a member of prestigious organizations such as the IEEE community and advisory boards for Google Scholar Crossref journals, he contributes to the advancement of knowledge in his field. He also serves as a thought leader and influencer at 3AI, India’s largest platform for AI and analytics professionals.

Moreover, Pankaj is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with the broader community. As an active tech writer, he regularly contributes articles to prominent platforms such as Medium, Dzone, and Dataversity, further cementing his reputation as a thought leader in the field of data science and analytics.

Currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Pankaj’s research papers have earned recognition and inclusion in esteemed journals indexed on Google Scholar. His dedication to academic excellence and practical engagement reflects his unwavering commitment to advancing the frontiers of data science and analytics.

Pankaj Zanke’s multifaceted expertise, coupled with his passion for innovation and knowledge sharing, positions him as a prominent figure in the field of Business Analytics. His contributions to the industry and commitment to driving impactful change make him a valuable asset to Sapiens and the broader business community.

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