Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schröder seems to be struggling to stay positive as he prepares for his wedding against the backdrop of the COWID 19 pandemic. Schröder and his fiancée Bo Clarke planned their next wedding in Rome in October 2020, but the uncertainty about the pandemic made it difficult.

The author of Next Level Basic took part in a virtual opening party organized by summer house stars and lovers Kyle Cook and Amanda Batula for the latest love injection line. During the discussion Mr. Schroeder explained how the pandemic had affected their marriage plans.

We try to remain optimistic that things will work out on their own, according to Mr. Schröder. I was thinking about it the other day. That’s what I am: I already have my clothes, but do people really make them? Because it’s not important. You know what I mean? I’ve given up the dream of a big, great wedding. I won’t be smothered if I don’t. I give zero f-ks at this point.

Earlier this month the host of the Straight Up With Stassi podcast sarcast sarcastically tweeted that it was fun to plan a wedding that might not even exist. She added that she would recommend this procedure.

Despite the uncertainty of their marriage, Schroeder and Clark bought a new house and settled together in a new life. On the opening night, she said people asked her what it was like to finally move in with Clark and she said she really felt like they had lived together before.

She explained that he literally lived a block down the street, but now they go on their honeymoon through hell because they have to stay in the house they just bought and can’t do anything fun.

This week, rumours began to circulate that Schroeder and Clark had secretly made the decision when she commented on Erin Foster’s Instagram page after Erin Foster said it was the perfect time to get married. Schroeder wrote a sermon through the Post, but an insider told us in the weekly magazine that this comment did not mean that Schroeder and Clark were already married.


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