Star Wars: Skywalker Rise stars John Boyega and Oscar Isaac make jokes about social media. Star Wars fans wonder what the mysterious video Boyega released this morning means, and some think it’s an introduction to the relationship between the Finns and Poe. Others think these guys are preparing to destroy the coronavirus, and some of them think these two friends are just trying to entertain each other and their online fans. Probably the last one.

John Boyega posted a short video on Instagram this morning, with a title that says I promise you all that I won’t post voice videos for the time being, but I hope this video is good? While we all expect Boyega to come out of the bathroom and sing in the video, Oscar Isaac does it in his place in a shirt with Finn and Poe on it. He looks into the camera and says I’m done. Let’s do this. It’s still visible, but Isaac has a good bathroom.

Do these guys want to tease the relationship between Finn and Poe that some Star Wars fans hoped to see in the rest of the trilogy? Since 2015 The Force Awakens has seen a respectable number of people who thought that Lucasfilm and Disney were developing their LGBT image on the big screen, and that two male characters had become lovers. However, when the last Jedi was released, it was clear that this was not in the cards for two characters. Some hope that the Skywalker Ascension will contain this element.

Of course that didn’t happen in The Rise of Skywalker either, but John Boyega and Oscar Isaac were open and honest. But maybe this new video is about two actors having fun on social networks while at the same time making Star Wars fans smile, as in most cases they will all do at home in the foreseeable future. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world, people could use a good laugh or a good secret, and Boyega seems to have planned for both.

To keep people in the house, Disney released a few days before the digital edition of The Rise of Skywalker. Fans could dive straight into the bonuses and watch the movie a second or third time. Although the film was released just a few days before the tour date, it was a nice gesture on the part of the studio, which is now looking for other ways to deliver the content directly to the fans while they try to save money. You can watch the Instagram video John Boyega starring Oscar Isaac below.

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