Amber Isaac, 26, tweeted on the 17th. April that she wanted to write an article about her relationship with incompetent doctors in the Bronx during the pregnancy of her first child.

Less than four days later, she was pronounced dead after an emergency C-section went wrong. The healthy mother died alone and without a partner at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, which was filled with coronavirus patients.

Amber’s unknown fate has occurred several times among black women, but it has never made the headlines. Amber was another name on a long list of black women who died at the risk of their own lives.

According to the city, Isaac feared she would not survive the birth of her son as his term of office approached. She told me she didn’t think she’d survive, her partner Bruce McIntyre mentioned it during the interview.  And I’ll do my best to cheer him up. She would tell her mother that she is very happy that the baby is healthy, but she is afraid that the baby will not survive.

The 17th. In April she twittered at the hospital about her requests. It only took a few days before the contractions started. I look forward to writing an article about my experiences over the past two quarters with incompetent doctors in Montefiore, Isaacs said.

I can’t wait to tell you my experience of the last two quarters with incompetent doctors in Montefiore.

– ✨ (@Radieux_Rose) 17. April 2020.

Isaac received updated blood samples because she decided to hire a muzzle or midwife to deliver to her home during the pandemic, in part because she felt so neglected, McIntyre said. However, she was considered too risky and needed a surgeon after she discovered that her platelet count continued to drop.

Isaac tried to raise the alarm and find out what was going on, but the medical team ignored his calls for the time being. When she finally underwent a blood test and was hospitalized, she arrived frightened and alone – neither her mother nor McIntyre were allowed to see her first.

Shortly after midnight, the 21st. April told Mclntyre that he heard the medical staff shouting outside his room. Isaac’s heart stopped when his son Elijah was abducted. The young mother’s platelet count has reportedly dropped since February, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, she held video sessions with her doctor instead of seeing her in person. It was something that annoyed the mother-to-be, which prompted the doctors at Montefiore Hospital to visit her. In the end, they complied with their request in April.

On Isaac’s birthday, doctors discovered that she suffered from HELLP – a pregnancy-related disease that can kill few women. The discovery was too short-sighted. She died on the 21st. April, after being subpoenaed more than a month earlier, and then rushed for an emergency C-section. The surgeon assigned to him didn’t exist. During this terrible process, little Elias survived.

McIntyre launched the GoFundMe program to cover funeral expenses and financial support for her newborn child. He also hopes to raise awareness of maternal mortality in the Afro-American community. Mclntyre post on Facebook : Her legacy continues as she changes the course of history. Amber Rose Isaac left her mark on this planet. We have to defend our people, we cannot allow them to continue to change the course of our lives, we have to take matters into our own hands.

It’s very difficult to be in this house and represent them here with us, Mrs. McIntyre said. She never met him. She never saw him. And she was so excited to have him.