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The Seahawks retreated to the narrow end of Jacob Hollister.

The Seattle Seahawks have decided to end the career of Jacob Hollister, who still holds a young offensive weapon in Seattle. The signing deepens the close group after the team fought for depth in 2019.

Hollister became a Seahawk after Will Disley’s fall from injury ended the season. The Seahawks are waiting for the full recovery of Disley and have also signed a contract with the former Panthers bowler Greg Olsen. In Seattle it will probably be useful to launch one of these players, and we can expect to see two more difficult sets in 2020. Hollister came to Instagram to post a picture of him signing his new contract.

Hollister with a 41 for 349 yards and three touchdowns in 11 games last season. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll praised Hollister for his stretching exercises last season.

He’s just a really good baseball player, Carroll said according to Yahoo Sports. He’s fucking cool. He throws and gets punches. The competition is fierce. Appears. If a man is really good at special teams and he really tries to block and catch football, is it a complete package? I think Jacob would be a great asset to us if we went. I don’t think it was an accident or anything.

Disley kills his rehabilitation.

Although nothing is guaranteed, Disley is expected to make a full recovery from the Achilles injury he suffered in the sixth week of 2019. It looks like the Seahawks Diskley will be back at the beginning of the 2020 season.

He kills, Carroll said last January according to USA Today. He’s in rehab. Will’s doing great. He spends some time in Los Angeles recovering and is very worried about the people he works with and the progress he makes. He’s been in a lot of places. He will. Will. There’s no doubt he will. But it’s a long process, it’ll be hard work for him.

Olsen called the Seahawks an ideal opportunity

Russell Wilson made no secret of the fact that he wanted the Seahawks to record Olsen in low season. Wilson publicly recruited Olsen through social media before finally signing a contract with Seattle. Olsen described the situation of the Seahawks as ideal second hand.

Clearly, the football game was absurd, but (my representatives and my family) said that we were looking for the perfect opportunity and we didn’t want to force anything, Olsen told ESPN 710 in Seattle. Between the fans and the city and of course the constant success they’ve had on the field, and then you look at the coach and the quarterback, and there’s not much missing, and that really attracted me.

Carroll said he expected Olsen and Disley to share the field. Both players were injured in the action, so Hollister’s presence ensured the position of the Seacocks.

I don’t think there are any questions, Carroll explained on ESPN. … [Disley] was glad Greg came, for obvious reasons, because he wants to be great and know how to learn from Greg. I’m sure they’re both playing on the field at the same time and I’m glad that’s going to happen.

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