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Russell Wilson congratulated Colin Kepernick on exposing police brutality.

Seattle Seachawks head coach Pete Carroll continued to praise Colin Kepernick, but the team doesn’t seem ready to re-take the quarterback. Carroll stressed that the Seahawks are confident if Geno Smith replaces Russell Wilson, but presented a scenario in which the team will seriously consider signing Kaepernick.

I love the way Gene fits in and everything, so he’s not really available to us right now, explained Carroll in the Seattle Times. But I’ve been saying for years that if Russ ever gets confused and can’t play or something, Cap would be a great candidate for the takeover. We’re in the middle of listening, so it doesn’t look like football. But, you know, we have plenty of time here, waiting for what happens.

Carroll reiterated his conviction that Kepernicus should become an NFL starter and noted that he didn’t feel comfortable signing him because the team already has a quarterback franchise. Wilson showed tremendous strength during his NFL career, but Carroll made a strong statement about the Seacocks’ chances of taking on Kepernick if the quarterback missed a day.

Carroll denied the Seahawks’ decision with protests from Kepernick

During a long press conference, Carroll Kepernick presented in detail and everything that was included in his decision not to sign the quarterback. Carroll denied reports that the Seacocks Keepernik have not signed because of his decision to continue protesting during the performance of the national anthem. Coach Sichawkes cited former players of the team who had decided not to participate in the national anthem and noted that there had never been any problems with Kepernicus.

We had enough confidence in ourselves and our ability to control ourselves, the boys could do what they had to do, Carroll told the Seatle Times. A couple of guys stayed in the locker room and they did a lot of things. And so it happened (on his knees). It’s never been a problem. And that’s why, like all the other words I’ve been trying to say to you today, I’m telling you honestly, as far as I can see, it hasn’t been a problem. And I know it was in the media, so I don’t know where it came from.

The Seahawks’ decision not to sign Kaepernick remains unclear.

The full details, which were included in the Seahawks’ decision not to sign Kaepernick, remain a mystery. Carroll was probably more willing than any other NFL coach to praise Kepernick. Sihouki was also one of the individual teams that met with Kepernicus about a possible signing of the contract in 2017, but it is not clear why the quarterback was not signed.

Carroll described the decision as a football decision that had nothing to do with Kepernick’s business. The coach also pointed out that he doesn’t see Kaepernick as a replacement, but it’s an interesting decision to play a talented player when he’s ready to sit behind Wilson.

This story and many others about Pete Carroll, Colin Kepernick and, frankly, a little more #smh logic on the #Seahawks who don’t sign, The News Tribune tweeted about Gregg Bell.