Shaw also credited Rahul Dravid with playing cricket all his life. He said that Dravid has helped him a lot over the past two or three years.

Rahul Dravid and Prithvi Shaw

Rahul Dravid and Prithvi Shaw (source: Twitter)

Privitvi Shaw is one of the rarest baseball talents you can find on your travels around the country. He has been in the news since he was a young cricketer at club level in Mumbai. From there he became the youngest Indian to reach the centenary of the test debut and is now one of the first riders to take the top position in the Indian test team.

Prithvi Shaw is undoubtedly very talented and will play for India for many years to come. But he had the right people to prepare him for the big scene. In a recent interview a young drummer from Mumbai said he was trying to meet Sachin Tendulkar while they were both in Mumbai. He also said that Tendulkar sometimes came here to give him advice on baseball.

If Mr. Sachin is in Mumbai, I’ll try to meet him. Prithvie exhibition

If Mr. Sachin is in Mumbai, I’ll try to meet him. When I train and Sachin is free, sir, he just comes online and gives advice, Shaw said in an interview with the Times of India. Shaw went on to say that he got regular help from Sachin when he felt uncomfortable playing baseball.

The young man also stated that Tendulkar had given him permission to call him at any time if there was a problem. It should be noted that Shaw Sachin has always considered his idol, as have many young strikers in India.

If I feel uncomfortable being beaten or need advice, he’s always with me. He said I could call him or text him whenever I wanted. He helped me a lot on my trip, Shaw said.

Shaw also thanked Rahul Dravid for his help with cricket. He said Dravid has helped him a lot in recent years.

Rahul, sir, has played a big part in my life in cricket, but also in my life after knitting. As a self-disciplined athlete, Rahul Sir talks about this sort of thing. I really learned a lot from him about the mental side of the game. Much of what I’ve learned over the past three or four years on my trip to the U-19 World Cup and the World Cup in India, Shaw said. Dravid was the coach of the Indian U-19 team that won the 2018 World Cup under Captain Prithvie Shaw.