Home schooling has problems due to the coronavirus, because it affects languages we do not normally speak. That’s all you need to know.

In Cardiff, about 63% of Welsh high school students come from non-Galkan speaking houses. And because of this unfortunate situation, caused by the coronavirus, people are afraid that their children, especially the Welsh speakers, will suffer.

Parents’ concerns about the teaching of the Welsh language

A mother living in Cardiff was worried about education in Wales. She also teaches Welsh, but feels she hasn’t been trained enough to help her two young sons with their homework.

I can only help the boys in English and I am very worried that they will not learn Welsh compared to other children who have Welsh lessons at home.


The steps being taken by the schools and some others to continue Welsh education to pupils, said the headmaster of Ysgol Gyfun Bro Edem School in Cardiff: We can understand the concerns of the parents, as most of them have not received any education in Wales.

So they decided to teach their children in the Welsh area, but they knew that due to the blockade of the pandemic their child would one day be taught from their kitchen and living room in Welsh.

She added that the school authorities had tried to make the tasks as simple as possible, even sharing a small number of links and activities that could be said to have been in contact with the Welsh language.

Few Welsh parents and other family members will help mothers like Debbie. They all try to create new and exciting content so that children can have fun at home and do their homework in Welsh.


They create content in the Welsh, including the Welsh YouTube channel, where lessons are taught every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There’s also an entertainment cartoon in Welsh, a health video in Welsh and so on.