Eva Marcil posted a video on her social media account that impressed the fans. People praise her makeup, her looks and even the way she sits, and call her the most beautiful woman in the franchise.

Watch the video Eva shared on the social networks of her choice.

I can get @nickiminaj s #RHOA @iambarbielee to the rhythm, Eva wrote her contribution.

Someone said: The way you sit, you stand and you serve! We’d love to see it! And another slogan it posted: Eva, that’s it! !! You’re the prettiest girl in the franchise, no.

Another commentator said that your eye game has always been exceptional on #antm, and one of the fans published it : Eve, love of Houston ❤️ @evamarcille is so cute.

Someone else praised Eva’s hair and said: That damn hair! Keep moving.

This text was written by another commentator: I just saw a tour of your house. Ideal for families with children. So beautiful and so recognizable! ’

Someone else wrote: Oh, so that’s why they went crazy! It’s beautiful inside, so it’s a result ! And the fan turned it off: The only thing I’ve ever agreed with, literally, is their music. But you look good.

Another commentator said Eva: You’re just gorgeous! The way you carry yourself, elegant but at the same time on earth!

In addition, Eva shared Easter photos and videos, and people can now see that there is never a boring moment at Sterling House.

Happy Easter of the Sterlings. Easter is not cancelled, and the work of God is not cancelled. We count our blessings and name them one by one. Celebrate the work of the cross wherever you are. He has risen from the dead. #sterlingsays #eastersunday #Thesterlings, Eve recorded one of his contributions.


Many fans enjoyed the pictures and described the family as perfect.


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