Melissa Etheridge and her ex-partner Julie Cypher, 21 years old, son of Beckett Cypher, unfortunately died unexpectedly according to ET! The shocking news of Beckett’s death was announced on Melissa Etheridge’s official Twitter page on Wednesday night and confirmed by the singer’s representatives.

Melissa Etheridge faces her mother’s worst nightmare.

The news came as a shock to the singer’s friends and fans, who immediately began to express their deepest sympathy to Melissa and her family. When the original Twitter message was posted, the unknown cause of death was not revealed. The mail is simple and understandable;

We’re sorry to inform you that Melissa’s son, Beckett, has passed away and that there will be no house concerts today. – #Team

– Melissa Etheridge (@metheridge) 13. May 2020.

After some time, Melissa Etheridge issued a heartbreaking statement in which she revealed her grief and bitterness at her son’s death and talked about her struggle with drug addiction.

Beckett is out of pain, says Melissa Etheridge.

Beckett Cypher was born in 1998 after the in vitro fertilization of Melissa and Julia. The identity of the youngest child and only biological father of Beckett’s son was kept secret for years, but later Beckett’s biological father and Bailey’s sister were publicly revealed as singer David Crosby.

Crosby and his wife Jen, both good friends of Melissa, revealed Crosby’s identity many years later and told how Crosby became a donor. The story showed that Etheridge and Crosby were resting in Hawaii when the discussion about children and family began.

It was during a conversation among friends that Jen offered her services as a donor to David Crosby.

Cypher and Etheridge were honest and loving parents

Melissa and Julie ended their relationship in 2000. In that same year’s 60-minute interview, Etheridge spoke openly about the children and showed that she didn’t believe her children would want anything because they didn’t have a father at home every day,

What they have in the house is two loving parents.

I think they’re ahead of us.

Although David Crosby never played a parental role in the lives of Beckett and Bailey, the singer remained an active participant for many years. So far, the case of young Beckett Cypher has not been made public and the family has yet to make a statement.

Previously, Melissa gave concerts on Facebook Live and offered virtual guitar lessons for just $10 while staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Famous friends flood Twitter with condolences to Melissa and her families, including Liz Pierre, Andy Lasner and Rosanna Arquette, to name but a few.

In addition to Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher, her mother’s sister Bailey Cypher, her 23-year-old brother Miller and her sister Johnny, Melissa’s 13-year-old twins survive a relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels. We express our sincere condolences to the family at this tragic time.

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