Congress took a nuanced decision that the central government should clarify its position on the payment of travel expenses of migrant workers on the train to their country of origin.

The Union government maintained its ambivalence by putting them on special trains during the blockade, saying on Monday that their travel was free and that the costs would be shared between the centre and the states.

This happened after political pressure was exerted on the government and after Congress President Sonia Gandhi ordered the party’s state units to pay for this rail transport.

Gandhi criticised the railways’ decision to donate to the Prime Minister’s crown while continuing to denounce migrants.

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If our government can take its responsibility by arranging free air travel for our stranded citizens abroad, if the government can spend nearly 100 Croatian rupees on transport, food, etc.., then we can be sure that we can offer them the best possible service. for a single government programme in Gujarat, if the Ministry of Railways has every reason to give 151 Croatian rupees to the Prime Minister’s fund, then why can’t these most important members of our nation get the same level of courtesy in this hour of great misfortune, especially free train travel?

From the 1st. From May onwards, employees will have to pay a fee for super-fast trains in the sleeper class and an extra 50 rupees to send them to their destination.

Diagram While Congress scored political points, in the evening the government declared that it would not charge for being in trouble. In his speech to the conference, the government representative said that neither the government nor the railways had filed complaints against the workers.

Railways bear 85 % of transport costs and States the remaining 15 %. The BJP spokesman, Sambit Patra, also said that Indian Railways and states have paid for the trips and that no one is accused of anything. BDP leader Subramanian Swami tweeted that he had spoken to the office of Railway Minister Piusz Goyal and that the government would drop the charges against the migrants.

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The former railway finance commissioner said that the Ministry of Finance would have to compensate the railway for its expenditure because the national freight forwarder lost business because of the blockade. Since the 25th. In March, rail revenue fell by 42% in the first 20 days of April compared with the same period a year earlier, while freight revenue fell by 42%. Passenger revenue fell by 62% in March, while freight revenue fell by 38% compared with the same month a year earlier.

The first one. In May, the Indian Railways announced in a message that passengers on mail/pressure trains would pay in the sleeper class. This was accompanied by an extra 20 rupees and a super fast rate of 30 rupees.

Since then, some state governments have paid the national transport costs, while others have charged the migrants.