Jonathan Mattingley, Brett Hankison, Miles Cosgrove, Braonna Taylor PD raid.


Bronna Taylor is a 26 year old Emergency Medical Specialist (EMT), born on the 13th. March was shot by Louisville police shortly after leaving the warrant without knocking at her apartment at 12:43 p.m., where she slept with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

Walker, who shot what his lawyer believed to be a guilty man, was accused of attempted murder of a police officer after hitting Mattingley’s femoral artery.

The three police inspectors involved in the incident are, according to the police records of the shootings in 2020

  • Jonathan Mattingley, a 47 year old NCO with 19 years of experience.
  • Brett Hankson, 44-year-old detective, 17-year veteran.
  • Miles Cosgrove, 42-year-old detective, 14-year career.

Three of them belong to the third division, of which Mikhei Sheu is the commander, and are part of the criminal division of the department. has contacted the Commander for comments on the matter and this message will be updated as soon as a response is received.

Jonathan Mattingley Sat, 14. March 2020 – A6 – Courier magazine (Louisville, Kentucky) –

There are several agents at the police station named Mattingley, including Agent Alex Mattingley, Real Time Crime Centre analyst Caitlin Mattingley, and Agent Brent Mattingley; it is not clear if any of these people have anything to do with Jonathan Mattingley.

During the raid, Mattingley was injured in the thigh and the bullet hit the femoral artery, according to local television company WHAS-11. According to Steve Conrad, head of the LMPD, his leg has had surgery and he should fully recover.

Walker’s injuries during the Mattingley raid are reason for Kenneth Walker to be charged with attempted murder.

Mayor Greg Fisher told Wave News that the Walker prosecution continues and that a special prosecutor will be appointed to investigate the Integrity Department’s investigation once it is completed:

My office spoke to the Commonwealth Attorney, Tom Vine. I understand he’s withdrawing from this case because he has a conflict – he’s chasing (prosecuting) a person accused of shooting police officer Jonathan Mattingley during the incident.

Board of Directors Hankison Sat, 14. March 2020 – A6 – Courier magazine (Louisville, Kentucky) –

Hankson and his K-9, Franklin, were thanked for organizing a student demonstration in October 2017. In 2019, he was also thanked for helping the FBI seize 25 pounds of methamphetamine and approximately $105,000 and arrest four suspects.

But Hankison has also been named in two lawsuits.

The 25th. In May 2012, Hankson and about 20 other police officers were named in a complaint by Leon Brackens.

In court records, Breckens’ lawyer said that Breckens was being driven by a woman named Rhonda Sullivan, who was in a car chase that took him to the police in Indiana and Kentucky; during that chase, Breckens called 911 twice, and on both calls he said he was terrified, that he didn’t want to die. However, for reasons not apparent from the minutes, the LMP telegraphers stated that Brackens was the threat and the prime suspect.

At the end of the chase, a Dashcam video camera showed several officers filming Brackens on the ground and handcuffed him. Unfortunately, according to the court report, Brackens suffered a fracture in his left femur and left hemisphere during the incident. Brackens claimed to have been the victim of police violence and false imprisonment. It is not clear what role Hankson played in the prosecution or arrest of Brackens, but he was deported more than a year before the end of the trial.

In October 2019, Hankison was the subject of another lawsuit filed by Kendrick Wilson, who claimed $15,000 and claimed that Hankison violated his federal rights in an ongoing vendetta.

In court, Wilson’s lawyer said he and Hankison first met in 2016, when Hankison arrested him for fighting in a bar. The complaint alleged that Mr Wilson had since contacted the accused Hankson in various ways, including with the same woman, but none of them led to his arrest.

Wilson said that when he walked past Hankison in June 2018, Hankison warned his K9, Franklin, about the drug smell in Wilson’s jeans. According to the complainant, who interpreted the body camera footage, Wilson took the money to show his pockets, put it back in his pockets and turned around when Hankson grabbed him, and other LMPD officers appear to have been holding him.

Subsequently, the accused Hankson appears to have found the alleged drug on the sidewalk in his legs, where the fight took place, as evidenced by the shots fired at his body. Then he jokes with other LMP officials about the drug plantation when Mr Wilson expresses his shock at the discovery of the drugs and the officials claim they belong to him. Defendant Hankson still jokes about how much money Mr. Wilson had and laughs that business is booming today. The camera also shows an unnamed citizen who heard
talking to Mr. Wilson about the vision of an officer throwing drugs on the sidewalk before picking them up. Citizen said he saw Mr. Wilson and sent him a video recording of the incident on his cell phone. The defendant Hankison admits to having heard this statement.

The case relating to this arrest is still ongoing.

In the meantime, however, Wilson said that Hankison had arrested him again and according to the complaint, Hankison is also in the same video in which he teases Wilson’s girlfriend, tells her to put it on social media and says he’s back on drugs.

Then, less than a month after filing charges, Wilson said LMPD officials searched his car and barbershop, which allegedly destroyed walls, carpets, air ducts and doors; only a legally registered gun, an ID card and a cell phone were found.

In his response to the complaint, Hankison stated that the surveillance videos, the recordings and the court reports should speak for themselves and rejected all other accusations.

miles Cosgrove Sat, 14. March 2020 – A6 – Courier magazine (Louisville, Kentucky) –

Courier magazine publishes a list of graduates of the Miles Cosgrove Police Academy from the age of 19. November 2005.

About a year after graduation, Cosgrove was indicted by Arthur L. Sutterley, 57, who was in critical condition after Cosgrove shot him.

According to court reports, Cosgrove first met Satterley in mid-December when he suspected the driver was drunk. He saw the car again two days before Christmas and tried to stop Satterley at a gas station around 12:45. When Cosgrove started approaching the car, he claimed that Sutterley was driving backwards and in response Cosgrove broke the driver’s side window.

Cosgrove said Satterley then tried to drive him over, firing 11 shots at the driver’s door and hitting him repeatedly. Satterley was then accused of creating a senseless threat, fleeing from the police, driving a car illegally and illegally storing drugs.

Sutterley’s lawyer, David Mejia, told Wave News that Sutterley’s accusation of endangering his health was absurd.

Sutterley accused Cosgrove of excessive use of force and filed a complaint. However, Justice Charles Simpson of the United States District Court upheld Cosgrove’s motion for interim relief dismissing the Sutterley case.

New evidence shows that an arrest warrant was used without further ado and that Taylor was not the subject of theinvestigation.

Jonathan Mattingley, Brett Hankison, Miles Cosgrove, Braonna Taylor PD raid.

FacebookBrena Taylor.

According to USA Today, Taylor was in command, but not as the primary target in an LMPD drug investigation. In the warrant used to break into Taylor’s house, Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker were identified as the prime suspects in their investigation; police believed Glover was using Taylor’s house to receive mail and hide drugs and money.

After the police said they followed him to Taylor’s house and came back, they requested a search warrant for Taylor’s house without the right to tie knots, which means the police are not legally required to identify themselves immediately when entering the building; but Lieutenant Colonel Ted Adeem of the LMPA’s Public Integrity Protection Unit said the police identified themselves at a press conference.

One of the lawyers representing the Taylor family, national civil rights lawyer Ben Kramp, said that the nature of the warrant and the testimony of the four witnesses was evidence that the officers had not testified as they had claimed. Neither Taylor nor her boyfriend had a criminal record or a conviction for drugs, and no illegal drugs were found in the apartment.

Kentucky beef. Andy Beshear expressed his concern about the Twitter incident. Former presidential candidate and current California senator Kamala Harris said the Justice Department should investigate Taylor’s death.

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