India is planning a series of tests against Australia later this year.

Virat Kohli and Tim Payne will shake hands Virat Kohli and Tim Payne will shake hands (Ryan Pierce/Getty Pictures)

India plans to carry out a series of tests in Australia later this year. This will be an important series from the point of view of the two heavyweights. Tim Paine, an Australian test captain, described the competition as a bit like the Axis, given the intensity of the game on both sides and the competitive character of the series.

Virat Kohli and Kohli won all their test series after the ICC test championship, before recently taking over New Zealand. They are also on top of the 360-point table. Australia, on the other hand, ranks second with 296 points, slightly behind India.

In the competition between the two teams, the men in blue beat Australia 2-1 in their backyard in the previous round. This is the first time that the Indian team manages to win a series of tests. Since then, however, the kangaroos have fought back to avenge their previous defeat at the event. And it will be interesting to see which team wins first place this year.

Tim Payne is looking forward to a series of tests against India.

In a recent interview, Tim Payne said it was pointless to commemorate the defeat of the previous series. Australia is a very different country today, and it is stronger than before. The same goes for Team India, which will also bring some new changes. The Australian captain added that the spectators can see the exciting competition in action thanks to the quality of the players of both teams. Payne said as far as the rivalry goes, it’s an ash episode.

It’s not so much a matter of looking back and trying to bring her back to what happened last time. It’s a different team, and I’m sure your team will be a little different, too. But these are two quality teams, a series that is really expected, simply because of the quality of the cricket, not because of the incident. With India and Australia as rivals, it is like the ashes that we are all looking forward to, said Payne in a videoconference that quoted Crikbuzz.