New Age Software Project Management: Harshad Acharya’s Definitive Guide


Meet Harshad Acharya- Golden Book Award Winner and author of ‘Amazon Best Seller #1′ book – ‘New Age Software Project Management’. 

The book is available at in paperback and eBook format.

Harshad is an Engineering & Management professional with 26+ years of experience in Information Technology in various industries across the globe.  He currently works as Vice president of Jio Platforms Limited. 

Recently, he won the ‘Global Pride Award- 2024’ as ‘Male Icon of the Year-IT’ for his achievements and contribution to the field.

He holds American and European patents as an inventor in the Telecommunication Software domain.

Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q.1) What inspired you to write this book and what gap in the existing literature were you aiming to fill?

Ans- There are 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to share the knowledge and wisdom I gained over my vast professional experience in the industry across multiple domains. 2) I noticed that there is a chasm between the Indian education system and the industry expectations. The inspiration behind writing this book stemmed from my observation of the rapid evolution of technology- Industry 4.0 / 5.0. Increasing expectations of the industry in terms of knowledge, technical skillset, and soft skills need to be addressed. I noticed a lack of literature that addresses the practical aspects of IT and project management amidst this technological revolution.

Q.2) You mentioned Industry 4.0 / 5.0.  Could you elaborate on its significance and how it influenced your book?

Ans- Industry 4.0 / 5.0 represents a transformative era characterized by the evolution of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain etc. and their convergence in various fields of life.  This era brings about paradigm changes in how projects are managed, particularly in the realm of software development and technological convergence. The very nature of software projects is changing if we compare the software projects executed in the last century. My book explores how these technological advancements reshape traditional project management practices and offers insights into how professionals can adapt themselves to thrive in this new landscape. 

Q.3) Who is the target reader for your book?

Ans- Anyone and everyone who is in the field of Information Technology and Project Management, practicing in any functional or hierarchical role. This book focuses on the practical aspects of project management. I truly feel that it is a must-read for software engineering students as well as teachers, and software professionals who want to build or migrate to a career as a project or program manager. The senior IT Professionals /SMEs- Subject Matter Experts can brush up and get new insights or new perspectives.

Q.4) You have fictionalized the techno-managerial subject. Can you tell us why you chose this format? 

Ans- Everyone likes stories. Since my school days, I feel that a study book in a story-telling format will make the subject interesting, and easy to understand. I hope people agree with me. So, I created a fictional character of Gururaj to guide readers through the journey. Gururaj embodies the seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in software project management. His role as a mentor to his junior teammates allows readers to gain practical insights into the key principles through relatable scenarios. 

To be very candid, I have portrayed the character for myself. I talk to readers through Gururaj.

Gururaj is shown as a senior, experienced professional and the chapters of the book are in the form of knowledge-sharing sessions. These are not monologues or lectures delivered by Gururaj. Together, the team explores the wonderful world of software project management through their active participation.

Q.5) You mention the “HAT OF SLAVE” mantra in your book. Could you explain what this mantra entails and how it can benefit project managers?

Ans- The success mantra is a pneumonic in which each letter indicates a principle or strategy to be followed. It encapsulates key principles essential for efficient and effective project management. Any project is declared successful when it is executed within budget, on time, and as per quality standards. These three together result in customer delight. Embracing the mantra empowers project managers to navigate complexities with resilience, foster teamwork, and deliver value-driven outcomes.

I urge everyone, to read the book, understand the mantra of success and start wearing a HAT OF SLAVE.

Q.6) Can you share a key takeaway that readers can expect from your book?

Ans- Technology and project management practices will continue to evolve rapidly, presenting both opportunities and challenges for professionals. Even though tools and techniques may undergo significant changes due to ever-growing complexity, the basic principles embedded in my mantra of success will remain. I envision that the principles and strategies outlined in my book will adapt to incorporate emerging technologies, methodologies, and best practices. Readers can apply the mantra and drive project success.

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