Vishesh Ashukhera, Redefining excellence in advertising


Vishesh Ashukhera, the director of Harmilap Media Private Limited, a leading advertising company and a one-stop solution to meet all website and promotion needs, stands as a paragon of innovation and leadership in the industry. His journey from a young aspirant learning the basics of advertising, marketing and media, to a leader is the result of his pursuit of excellence and his deep-rooted commitment to ethical business practices.

With a rich educational background and upbringing steeped in the ethos of learning, Mr Ashukhera’s innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a B. Tech in Computer Sciences followed by an MBA in Finance, equipping him with a holistic 360-degree perspective not only in business but in every aspect of life.

Under his leadership, Harmilap Media has witnessed exponential growth, combining traditional advertising with 21st-century approaches. His strategic acumen and tireless work ethic have propelled the company to new heights, earning admiration and respect from clients, peers, and industry titans alike.

Despite his young age of only 28, Mr Ashukhera displayed remarkable maturity and professionalism in his dealings with clients, government officials, corporate leaders, and industry veterans. His ability to lead, inspire, and deliver results has earned him accolades and admiration across the board. He has led the company’s expansion into multiple verticals like IT and digital marketing along with PR.

Speaking about his entrepreneurial journey, Mr Ashukhera says, “My vision for Harmilap Media is to create impactful and long-lasting campaigns that not only drive positive results for clients but also uphold the highest ethical standards. I believe that true success lies in making a positive difference in the world, professionally and personally.”

His adaptability to crises and his management during tough times is an example for even those above him in the hierarchy. He embodies the spirit of true leadership, as Thomas Kohntopp’s quote encapsulates, “In calm waters many captains are able. It is in a tempest when true leadership emerges.”

As Mr Ashukhera continues to steer Harmilap Media towards greater heights, his commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical business practices serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts alike.