Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Women Achievers Across Industries


Inspiring Women Achievers

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 11: Women continue to redefine success across various fields, showcasing unparalleled dedication and brilliance. From groundbreaking entrepreneurs to visionary leaders and accomplished professionals, these women exemplify resilience, innovation, and excellence. 

By featuring a spectrum of talents and accomplishments, Brandzwire aims to amplify their voices, foster inclusivity, and pave the way for a future where women’s achievements are celebrated and recognized.

  1. Dr. Amushree Jha – Director, Diviniti India & CEO Pujashoppe

Dr. Amushree Jha, the dynamic force behind Pujashoppe and Director at Diviniti India, embodies innovation in the realms of puja essentials and spiritual gifting. 

With a rich career starting in journalism at esteemed publications like the Telegraph and Times of India, Amushree transitioned to public relations before founding Pujashoppe in 2015, revolutionizing the puja industry with an Omni-channel strategy. Pujashoppe has become a household name, offering meticulously curated puja kits, certified gemstones, and more.

 Leading Diviniti India since 2017, Amushree strategic acumen shines, with the brand’s state-of-the-art Swiss technology and prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification. Her academic achievements include a master’s degree and Ph.D. in English Literature and Journalism, complementing her multifaceted professional journey.

2. Mansi Rana- Managing Director, EZ Rankings

Mansi Rana boasts a 13-year entrepreneurial journey, spearheading EZ Rankings since its establishment in 2010. Her company, a global leader in digital marketing, has burgeoned from a 2-person startup to a 167-strong team serving clients across 28 countries. Committed to perpetual growth, EZ Rankings thrives on innovation and customer-centricity.

In 2021, Mansi expanded her impact with the Indian Parenting Blog, fostering a supportive community for modern parents. The blog challenges parenting myths, offering a platform for discussions amidst traditional values. Garnering 5 to 7 million monthly impressions and amassing over 100,000 members on social media, it’s a trusted resource.

In 2022, Mansi launched, providing tailored digital consultancy to businesses. Prioritizing a select clientele, the focus is on ensuring success through personalized services. Beyond this, she invests in Agro Tech projects, reflecting a multifaceted entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Dr. Vandana Singh- Director Global Corporate Key Account Management Asia Pacific- Saudia Cargo

Dr. Vandana Singh, Director of Global Corporate Key Account Management Asia Pacific at Saudia Cargo, boasts 28 years of global aviation and logistics experience. Her leadership, strategic acumen, global account management finesse, and innovation shine brightly in the air cargo industry. 

Vandana’s secret to success is unwavering focus and a promise to deliver results that outshine the night runway. Beyond business, she values balance, drawing inspiration from Einstein’s wisdom, seeking simplicity in chaos and opportunity in adversity. 

Vandana is a role model for women in male-dominated fields. Her father from the Indian Armed Forces has been a key influencer, instilled a drive for success, motivating her to empower other women to break barriers with resilience and determination.

4. Dr. Rupali Paranjape- Founder Blue Ocean Compliance

Dr. Rupali Paranjape, the founder of Blue Ocean Compliance, TEDx speaker, and international bestselling author of “Blue Ocean of Compliance,” boasts over 22 years of success in Regulatory Affairs & Compliance within the pharmaceutical industry. Her life story, featured in various global magazines, epitomizes the essence of being unstoppable, serving as an inspiration for women aspiring to achieve greatness from the ground up. She has also been honored with many National and International awards for her extraordinary contribution in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Being Asia’s 1st Blue Ocean Compliance Mentor for pharmaceutical Companies she is on a mission to help Pharmaceutical Companies attain the highest level of compliance and save huge expenses & costs due to non-compliance. In this way, she is helping to build the economy of our nation.

Dr. Rupali stands out for her unique ability to cultivate a culture of quality within pharmaceutical companies. Her emphasis on mindset and thought processes establishes her as an invaluable asset and Thought Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

5. Mary Kom – Indian Olympic Boxer

Mary Kom, the renowned Indian boxer, is a trailblazer in the world of sports. With an illustrious career, she has not only dominated the boxing ring but also inspired millions globally. A six-time world champion and an Olympic bronze medalist, Kom’s dedication to her craft is unparalleled. Her journey, from a small Manipuri village to international stardom, showcases resilience and determination. 

Beyond her athletic achievements, she is a Rajya Sabha member, using her platform to advocate for women’s rights and sports development in India. Her impact reverberates, inspiring generations and cementing her legacy in the annals of sports history.

6. Dr.Richa Raj- Ceo, Ritzy Technology

Hon Dr. Richa Raj, Ph.D., CEO of Ritzy Technology, a luminary in technological innovation and a beacon of inspiration in the scientific community, has been revolutionising the field of artificial intelligence and applied sciences for over a decade. 

With a portfolio brimming with diverse patents, Dr. Richa’s work spans from medical technology to educational tools, intelligent systems, cognitive AI, 3D technologies, art platforms and more.

Recently, Thames University acknowledged her monumental contributions to the AI community with an honorary doctorate. Her latest blockchain venture introduces multiple-vertical platform for innovators and producers, bridging the technological divide for creators worldwide. 

Dr. Richa oversees an incubator program that transforms emerging talents’ ideas into marketable products, reflecting her dedication to inclusive and accessible technology.

7. Mehreen Sheikh – Managing Director & Operations Head, Metaspace

Mehreen Sheikh is an entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in the Fintech, blockchain, and tech industry. Specializing in operations management, she leads the Corporate Strategy and Financial oversight of the company. 

Mehreen stays updated with workshops and seminars, gaining insights into emerging technologies. She ensures the smooth expansion of Metaspace’s dynamic Metaverse by improving processes, optimizing resource allocation, and supporting teams. 

Proficient in developing strategies to overcome risks, Mehreen is committed to creating an ecosystem that enhances user experiences in the evolving virtual reality or digital space. Committed to breaking glass ceilings and creating avenues for women to soar, her impact resonates deeply.

8. Yogita Chaudhary – CEO & Founder, Tarot Healer YC

Yogita Chaudhary boasts over two decades of expertise in intuitive consultation and manifestation guidance through Tarot and Oracle practices. 

With a rich background in astrological and numerological consultations accompanied by effective remedies, she excels in diverse healing modalities including LamaFera, Vedic, Archangels, and Angels Healing. Certified by Mindvalley as a Life, Transformation, and Manifestation Coach, she also serves as a Six Phase Meditation Trainer, adept at transmuting her clients’ lives. 

Yogita’s holistic approach and extensive skill set make her a beacon for resolving multifaceted life challenges, establishing herself as a beacon in the realm of intuitive and holistic healing.

9. Sapna Tyagi – Pioneering Educator and Innovator

Mrs. Sapna Tyagi, a dynamic educator, leads the charge in transformative education. At 39, she blends global teaching experiences seamlessly, holding licenses from the USA and the UK. From India to China, her diverse journey enriches her pedagogical approach.

As the Head of the Middle School Math Department in a prestigious international school in China, Mrs. Tyagi’s transcends borders. Her classrooms fuse mathematical concepts with cultural perspectives, sparking curiosity. Beyond academia, she champions innovative teaching methods, using technology and collaborative learning to foster critical thinking.

Mrs. Tyagi’s   international impact extends beyond teaching math; she ignites a global perspective and a lifelong love for learning, positioning herself as a catalyst for change in education.

10. Payal Kar Dutta- Founder & MD, Veva Realty 

Payal Kar Dutta, Founder & MD of Veva Realty and a Tedx Speaker, embodies resilience and success in a male-dominated real estate industry.

Payal’s journey from a sales advisor in Kolkata to founding Veva Realty in Hyderabad is truly inspiring. She credits her success to her unwavering support system, especially her mother.

Transitioning from HSBC Kolkata to dominating the real estate market in Kolkata, Payal’s entrepreneurial drive culminated in establishing Veva Realty in 2021. It has since become a thriving competitor among Hyderabad’s leading real estate companies.

Payal has been recognized as one of the TOP 10 Leaders in Hyderabad Startups – 2022.  She is planning to expand her wings in different Tier-II cities of India and encourage more females to join her league of success.

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