Duroplast India Takes a Giant Leap with New uPVC Profile Extrusion Plant

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New Delhi (India), May 1: Duroplast India Pvt. Ltd., today proudly announced the launch of its new facility in Howrah, West Bengal, which will extrude extremely energy-efficient uPVC window profiles. The building is situated in the immediate vicinage of the system supplier’s extrusion plant, which has been there since 2010.

Because of its superior looks, longer lifespan, reduced maintenance requirements, improved insulation, stronger impact strength, higher wind load capabilities, and factory-finished windows, uPVC is quickly replacing other window materials.

In response to improved demand in the housing, hotel, education, and healthcare sectors, Duroplast, a firm that is actively growing at 20% Y-O-Y, has set its sights on expanding both its domestic presence and its exports to the Indian and African subcontinental markets. Recently, it received a few minor orders from Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. With its manufacturing partners, it has completed the most renowned projects in the fields of healthcare, education, and housing, including a number of AIIMS, IITs, IIMs, IISCs, and, to top it all off, residences for Members of Parliament of India.

The firm has expanded its production capabilities with the opening of the brand-new uPVC profile extrusion factory in West Bengal’s Howrah district, which cost 40 crores to build.

The facility, which includes a 40-crore investment, is spread out across 1,50,000 square feet and has 6 extrusion lines that have already been ordered and commissioned. Six more are anticipated to be added over the course of the next year, along with fully automated mixing and a SCADA-based conveying system. A foiling line is also installed for the colour-finishing of window profiles. As a result, the ability to create 8,000 tonnes of profiles—or the windows needed for 100,000 homes annually—is increased overall. The business also disclosed intentions to build more showrooms, various warehouses, and further marketing expenditures around the country.

The plant’s entire capacity is 15 uPVC extrusion lines, but it may be expanded to 3,00,000 square feet to accommodate future investment and an additional 30 lines to fulfil rising demand. Both a large logistical area and a technical training facility for the partner firms are included. It will be India’s largest window profile extrusion facility, the company’s managing director, Neeraj Agarwal, told reporters today.

There are now 200 people employed directly and 1,000 people employed indirectly in the largest uPVC facility in India, located in Howrah, which is roughly 50 kilometres from Kolkata.

Duroplast is a company that manufactures building materials. Its products include wall panels, false ceilings, uPVC window and door systems, and PVC doors.

According to the company’schairman, Mr. Lalit Agarwal, the company plans to invest heavily in infrastructure, new product development, and brand building in order to dominate a crowded market will continue to explore both organic and inorganic growth.

Mr. Lalit Agarwal, stated, “We have built the groundwork with Duroplast India and the newly established production plant to further diversify and optimise our product- and service-portfolio to satisfy the future market.We have set ambitious targets and have started the execution with our new production facility having the highest range of profiles by any firm in this industry. Our portfolio includes, Elite 67 series, Elixir 60 series, Elegant 50 series, Vent 39 series, Indiana 34 series, Premium Door series. We further want to further optimise our product portfolio.”

“We deploy the best-in-class, one-of-a-kind tropical lead-free mix compound in the new production facility since it was specifically created to prevent the discoloration of profiles in areas with particularly high UV radiation in the subcontinent. The business produces systems tailored to specific markets and industries in accordance with worldwide quality requirements, including casement, dual sash casement with choices for grilles and insect mesh, tilt & turn systems, and sliding variations with one or more panes. All of our primary profiles have co-extruded glazing beads and pre-fixed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gaskets in grey and black colours. Dark Oak, Rustic Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Anthracite Grey Smooth, and Black Smooth are the six colour options we provide for foil with many more to come.”

“We have been in the business for twelve years, and from the beginning, we have written a success narrative with our clients. Our new facility has the required infrastructure in addition to the most recent, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, which will further contribute to the success of our clients. We wish to continue expanding in India and moving forward with our exciting and prosperous development along with them. I want to express my gratitude to our channel partners for their ongoing support during this journey as well as to our workers for their commitment to creating Duroplast one of the most well-liked and demanding profile systems in India.”

“We provide further support for the product through marketing, teaching people about its benefits, and holding conferences and consultations with architects, developers of real estate, and contractors. We encourage them to explain the benefits of uPVC window systems and the difficulties they encountered while picking out and installing window systems. We educate them on appropriate items and emphasise the need of upholding quality and standards in accordance with BS EN 12606 or the newly published IS 17953.”

The second director in the company, Mr. Mehul Agarwal quoted, “We will be at the centre of these changes and to further expand our production and service capability across India, the new extrusion plant is an initiative towards the Made in India campaign and begins on a path to establish a 5 trillion-dollar economy.”

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