Quote on World Health Day by Deepak Tuli, Eka Care’s Co-Founder & COO    

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New Delhi (India), April 7: “On this World Health Day, we must acknowledge that achieving the abha, or splendour, of good health is not an unattainable goal. Thanks to the advent of digitization and the implementation of ABHA, India’s own health ID system, we are better equipped to ensure that each individual has access to quality healthcare services. India, with limited resources and an unequal distribution of healthcare facilities, is often plagued by a poor doctor-patient ratio, which causes considerable strain on the healthcare system. Therefore, the implementation of ABHA can help streamline the management of healthcare services. Digital technologies enable the creation and management of electronic health records, making it easier to store and share patient information across healthcare providers. Additionally, digitization enables data-driven decision-making, improving healthcare outcomes by allowing healthcare providers to monitor patient health in real-time, identify potential issues accurately, and provide personalized treatments. Let us celebrate World Health Day by recognizing the potential of digital health technologies to help us achieve our goal of good health for all.”

About Eka Care

Eka Care is a connected healthcare platform, whose goal is to build a digitally enabled healthcare ecosystem between doctors and patients for better health outcomes. The Eka Care platform allows the creation of multiple patient profiles and the storage of health records such as vaccination charts, prescriptions, and lab reports, along with the option to share these records with healthcare providers.

Eka’s Symptoms Checker is a unique feature, which helps one understand one’s medical condition better. Additionally, the platform’s Health Locker has helped lakhs of Indians to stay on top of their and their family members’ health records. Eka Care has built a Heart Rate Monitor as well, which provides one with accurate readings to keep track of one’s heart health at regular intervals.

Eka Care was founded by Vikalp Sahni, Deepak Tuli, and Abhishek Begerhotta in December 2020 with a vision to build a connected healthcare ecosystem for India. In the past, Vikalp and Deepak have successfully built the travel booking platform Goibibo. Before Eka Care, Vikalp was a Volunteer Architect at Aarogya Setu, while Deepak was working with MakeMyTrip.

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