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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 18: Awstro is an Indian e-commerce platform, which provides B-to-C services over the website by offering electronic goods, mobile accessories, and other consumer products to our customers. Awstro headquarters in Bangalore, India, is a daily deal platform that started its operations in the year 2016.

Primarily, the company was focused on establishing the market presence by dealing in electronic items solely with Pan-India shipping. Awstro slowly grew in prominence and was receiving 50,000 orders per year by the end of 2016, they shifted themselves and started commencing in customer goods and electronic accessories to cater to every segment of the society.

As stated by the founder, they started the website called when they saw how other online e-commerce websites are selling fake and low-quality products at high pricing. Therefore, they felt it was the right time to step into the game to deal with 100% original products for all metropolitan cities.

During their initial years, they started their merchandising with new products and refurbished & open box-up products to their customers, where the customers could avail of about 30% discount which was a win-win situation for both parties. Additionally, they started offering superb assistance through their organization across the nation. In the span of 4 years, Awstro has assisted over 1 lakh customers per year and has gained popular Awstro reviews in return.

As per the popular Awstro Reviews, they are very well known in the business, because of the authenticity and high-quality of the products that they are dealing in at such minimal pricing. Moreover, Awstro Reviews each product before enlisting it on their respectable website, to gain the trust of their potential clients and to provide them with a better user experience.

Under their wings, they have prominent regions like Delhi, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Telangana. Originally starting as an e-commerce platform mainly focusing on electronic appliances and mobile accessories, Awstro began its operations by assisting its customer’s needs related to the same.

Subsequently, realizing that the need for consumer goods, apparel, and households is much more pivotal and imperative, they set their foot in the customer market. Later on, their operations shifted from selling to Business-Customer (B-to-C) functioning.

Having a boost over here, Awstro since its inception in 2016, significantly rose in terms of operating cities. In these cities, gaining more ground, customer database and recognition from social media, Awstro rose in stature and became the most robust company in its segment.

Awstro has the mission of easing the process of gaining access to the best household consumer goods, fashion apparel, baby products consisting of food, clothing, and toys, and so on for its customers. This serves a dual function. Primarily assisting in the hassle-free acquisition of every good by the customers, it even benefits the merchants, increasing their commercial viability and most importantly helping in their small business.

Awstro founders had a noble vision and chose to charge a minimal amount from the trusted tie-ups they have across the nation for the assistance and delivery. The revenue model of the company is premised only on the regular customers that visit their website daily for buying purposes. All other traffic generated by the website for the buying and selling purpose can be considered as their potential customers whom they are happy to cater someday.

With a vision of increasing commercial value, Awstro quickly raised the ranks and assisted in the interaction of customers with more and more diverse and varied household and consumer products, providing the customers with nothing but the best of all services through their website.

Gaining more Awstro reviews by the day, Awstro is working on designing and restructuring their website into a customer-centric one that will be a category-specified platform offering the users a better experience. Moreover, with a change in their refund policy, it is now easier to refund the goods in 2-3 days with the amount.

Vision 2021, according to the founders is to diversify the already existing brands and include cover more metropolitan cities under the operable charter of the company. Roaring with the zealous and dedicated staff, Awstro is the new thing in business.

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