Dr. Tasleem Rehmani – A Socio Cultural and Political Force to Reckon with in Indian Scenario

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Kerala, [India] : There is a well-known couplet by noted Urdu poet, Allama Iqbal, “Main Tujh Ko Batata Huun, Taqdeer-e-Umam Kya Hai! Shamsheer-o-sinan Avval, Ta’us-o-raubab aakhir!” Roughly translated, this couplet means, “The destiny of nations I chart for you; At first the sword and spear; the zither’s, the lute’s soft sighs at last.” Dr. Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani, national secretary of Social Democratic Party of India, is a well-known Indian politician, who lives by the thought behind this couplet. His political acumen makes him a popular voice that is taken very seriously as far his influence among Indian civil society and  Muslim community.

He is one of the most invited spokespersons for the community in Indian national media where he engages in intelligent rebuttals and persuasive arguments and has a both handed approach to put forward community’s interest and also balances national interests at the same time. Dr Tasleem Rehmani argues his points with data and statistics and inspires a consensus and conciliatory tone in debates.

Mr. Rehmani has been active in electoral politics right since 1998, starting as an analyst and grass-root level worker. In fact, it was in February 2004, through a research paper, that he predicted various electoral outcomes of Indian elections in the past 20 years. Rehmani is considered to be a astute political analyst and force. His brief stint with Samajwadi Party began before 2012 UP Assembly Elections on December 8, 2012 and lasted just for 8 months. Rehmani wanted to push the narrative where every party is for pro inclusive development.

This 59 year old physician-turned-politician also owns a nursing home in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. He has studied BUMS from the Delhi University. Apart from being the National Secretary of SDPI, a pan-India, cadre-based ideological political party registered in India, he is President, Muslim Political Council of India, a pan-India political pressure group, which is mainly active in the Northern India.

An avid philanthropist too, Rehmani is proudly associated with the ArRifah Charitable Trust as its Chairman. This Trust is a registered NGO working in the field of medicine and education in Northern India for the past two decades. Rehmani is also a Special Invitee to All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Being connected to AIMPLB, Rehmani is involved in a number of causes related to the welfare and upliftment of Muslim community in India.

One of his major achievements, though, remains becoming the Chairman of Mazharul Islam Secondary School. This is a 118-year-old historical, govt-aided Muslim school located in the walled city of Delhi, from where Rehmani did his schooling till secondary level. He is also a member of the high-power 5-member Steering Committee of Coordination Committee on Indian Muslims. Other institutions represented on this Committee are Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind, Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, Milli Council, Jamiat-e-Ahle-Hadis MPCI, etc.

This avid political force is also Chief Editor of the news portal Mission Urdu Weekly, launched in 1979 as a publication.

Considered to be an expert commentator on West Asian political affairs, particularly related to Palestine and Syria, Rehmani is known to have participated in international seminars and conferences. He has toured extensively through West Asia as well as a few European countries too. In all, he has visited the following countries so far – Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, US, UK, Syria, Pakistan and Egypt.

At present, Rehmani is engaged in all national-level Muslim organizations which are fighting for the cause of India and are instrumental in various political causes. This helps him stay abreast not just with the latest socio-economic scenario of the country but also helps him build a robust socio political strategy as a leader of the community and champion for the causes of the down trodden.