Sunday’s sixth season premiere of Concern the Strolling Lifeless solutions what occurred to Morgan Jones (Lennie James) after being shot point-blank and left for lifeless by Virginia (Colby Minifie) in final season’s cliffhanger ending. “Finish of the Line” cuts to black with out revealing whether or not Morgan survived Virginia’s homicide try, lower quick by a pack of walkers threatening to tear Morgan aside as he radios his group of split-up survivors. In “The Finish Is the Starting,” Virginia hires ax-wielding bounty hunter Emile (Demetrius Grosse) to seek out Morgan — lifeless or alive — solely to study Morgan Jones is someplace in between.

When he crosses paths with Isaac (Michael Abbot Jr.), a former Pioneer ranger who fled Virginia’s rule together with his pregnant spouse, we study Morgan blacked out to finish Concern’s fifth season. Morgan survived solely by a last-minute rescue by a stranger, who caught round simply lengthy sufficient to sew him up earlier than leaving him alone.

“I used to be shot. I used to be barely hanging on,” Morgan explains. “Walkers have been about to tear me aside, and I heard gunshots. Walkers dropped, I blacked out. Wakened later and… I used to be patched up.”

Morgan is patched up, however not out of hazard: Isaac gives to extract the bullet embedded in his shoulder, warning it is perilously near his pulmonary artery. If it fragments and Morgan strikes the flawed means, Isaac says, “You would die.”

Within the 5 or 6 weeks since his near-death expertise, Morgan’s wound has turned gangrenous. Not contemporary meat, Morgan’s necrotic tissue makes him invisible to the undead — permitting him to bypass the swarm of walkers blocking Isaac’s path to his pregnant spouse. In change for Morgan bringing provides to Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales), Isaac gives someplace secure for Grace (Karen David), who Morgan realized is pregnant earlier than being separated at Humbug’s Gulch.

When Emile tracks Morgan and Isaac to the dried valley hideaway, Morgan gives to give up with out a struggle if he leaves the couple alone. Morgan accepts his destiny till Isaac intervenes, heading off Emile earlier than urging Morgan to deliver his individuals right here. It must be Morgan: Isaac reveals a chunk on his midsection.

Summoning the final of his power, Morgan impales Emile together with his workers and decapitates him with a single swing of the hunter’s ax earlier than passing out. When he wakes up the following day, he learns Isaac eliminated the bullet earlier than succumbing to the chunk.

Later, Virginia is presented Emile’s reanimated head inside a field marked “Morgan Jones.” Issuing a risk to Morgan over her walkie talkie, Virginia warns him to avoid his outdated associates if he needs them to stay.

From a distance, he solutions the decision: “Morgan Jones is lifeless. And you’re coping with anyone else now.”

Reborn as a lone cowboy someplace between the Morgan who needed to “clear” and the pacifist Morgan who believed all life is valuable, the Morgan With No Identify lives to experience once more.

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