People are beginning to worry about the similarities between Confusion and Coronavirus. Social networks are the time that many people around the world spend because everyone has to stay in the same house. People spend so much time at home that they spend hours watching movies and TV shows to kill time and forget the world. Turns out Confusion is a very popular movie.

In Tang Led Rapunzel Mandy Moore was abducted by the Mother Hotel and held prisoner in a remote tower in the village of Corona. The protagonist, like everyone else, is usually in quarantine so that we can all treat each other. For some Disney fans, however, the village feeling of Corona is too close to home. Remember the movie Confusion? And how was she locked in the castle? If the castle was called Coron Castle… It’s a pity we don’t live in a fairy tale, I’d rather be locked in a tbf lock, said one of the social network users.

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It is clear that this resemblance has brought some people onto the path of conspiracy theory. Another person on social networks said that in the Disney movie, Confusion, the girl is not let out of the castle. The kingdom is called the crown. Coincidence! I don’t think so. I just want to tell Glen Slater, who worked as a joker at Tangeld, that I didn’t sell any shares based on this information. His statement is based on the action of Republican Senator Richard Barr, who sold his shares before the coronavirus hit the global economy.

Yeah, Rapunzel practices social detachment to keep them away from the confused crown. With this, the common ground has been laid. Disney didn’t predict a coronavirus outbreak ten years ago. If they did, they wouldn’t lose millions of dollars a day. It’s just a conversation that can help us kill time while we all try to stay healthy on the inside. Conspiracies with Coronavirus and Confusion are likely to turn up everywhere, so let’s hope they are well designed for entertainment purposes.

The coronavirus is here, and it doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. In many North American states, gyms, cinemas, bars and other places where people gathered were closed. The whole country is completely isolated, so only citizens are allowed to go to grocery stores and pharmacies, which can happen in North America. So everyone should stay indoors for the time being and offer us more social media entertainment, such as confused connections and coronavirus. You can watch tweets that tell you the similarities below, then go to Disney+ to view a confusing feed.

The stakes: Confusion, Disney.

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