Money from the inside only raised $300,000 last Wednesday. At the same time, the total amount for 2019 was $10.7 million. These new figures are unprecedented, but not unexpected, as theatres across North America continue to sink. Currently, only 400 of the approximately 6,000 theatres in the United States are open. In these open theatres, they put hats on the ability to maintain the guidelines of social distance so that people are not within a metre of each other.

Compared to the $10.7 million stolen on the same day last year, we see a decrease of 97% compared to the previous year. The number of cash registers on the same day was relatively normal at $7.7 million. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, cities are encouraging self-regulatory blockages by asking people to stay in their homes and limit themselves to the most essential things such as food. While the movie theatres continue to close their doors, rare breeds have flourished throughout the country, although their numbers are not known.

POWERFUL : The money goes to a minimum of 20 years as a social course leader for distance learning.

No one seems to know how long it will take, but it will take some time. The AMC theatres are closed and say all their halls will be dark for at least six to twelve weeks. Most theatres in the United States are closed on Tuesday and there will be more closures. The closure of amusement centres is causing a shockwave throughout the entertainment industry, while people are struggling to decide what to do. Some studios are postponing their plans for big tents until the end of this year, while others are not going to the theatre at all.

On Wednesday, Pixar’s Onward stayed in first place and received only $61,529. A family animation film received $2.2 million on the same day a week ago. Pixar has decided to put the film online this week, as all theatres are closed. So far, the response has been positive because viewers are looking for new content that they can see on a self-adjusting ending. It will take some time for this to settle down, so it will be very interesting to see what the entertainment industry looks like when all the dust has settled. The coronavirus could have changed the way films are shown forever.

China started very slowly with the opening of the theatres. Most of their theatres should be open by the end of the month, and to celebrate that they bring some fan favourites to the theatres. Producers and distributors will refrain from the usual 43% reduction in receipts in an attempt to keep the theatres operational during this period. It is not yet known if the United States will follow. Until we probably see the list of cases, because it’s all taken care of. A Hollywood journalist was the first to discover unprecedented cashier’s jewelry.

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