X-Plane 11 is just one of one of the most preferred online trip programs. And also, usually than not, uses a few of one of the most genuine online trip experiences on the marketplace. Component of that experience is the surroundings, and also just how genuine or genuine it looks. With this in mind, we will certainly analyze a few of the very best free software photorealistic surroundings attachments presently offered.

Grand Canyon HD photoreal scenery after being installed in X-Plane 11.

And also keep in mind, as these attachments are consistently appearing, we will certainly remain to upgrade this web page and also inform you concerning them– so see to it you bookmark it and also sign in routinely with us.

It is probably worth keeping in mind and also bearing in mind prior to we proceed, as holds true with every one of the data and also mods noted on this web page for X-Plane 11, they are just suitable with this certain program.

Every one of the data, mods, and also developments noted in this short article are free software – totally complimentary to download and install and also utilize.

As the short article is rather extensive, you can leap to the areas much easier by utilizing the dive web links listed below:

Suggested Install First: Global Surface Mesh

Prior to you proceed and also begin downloading and install the photoreal loads listed below, we extremely suggest mounting a surface mesh add-on initially.

This will certainly bring capitals, hills and also basic variances in surface to life. This is not a landscapes pack thus, it merely lays the appropriate “ground” prior to you use the photorealistic surroundings packs.

We suggest mounting this prior to any one of the various other surroundings mods listed below.

HD Mesh Surroundings v4 & UHD Mesh Surroundings v4

Both Hd and also the Ultra Hd variations of the X-Plane 11 Harmonize Surroundings Variation by AlpilotX not just both consist of considerable adjustments that enhance the previous variation, yet they are definitely complimentary to download and install and also utilize, and also simple to mount.

By the way, you will certainly be asked if you want to make a contribution to the designers if you do choose to download this enhanced variation– something which total remains in the very best rate of interests of all online pilots preferably– nonetheless, if you are not in a placement to do to ensure that isn’t a trouble. And also a lot more significantly will not influence your capacity to utilize the add-on.

As we will certainly analyze as we relocate along, there are small distinctions in what the real surface and also surroundings offered do. Keeping that in mind, after that, we will certainly check out the specifics of the HD variation of the download, and afterwards mention the adjustments of the UHD variation.

So, what are you mosting likely to be obtaining if you pick to download and install and also mount this 4th variation of the worldwide surroundings attachments?

Example of the AlpilotX UHD mesh scenery in XP11.

The HD variation uses information areas of Eastern European surface, which subsequently causes components of Israel on one side, and also Russia on the various other. Moreover, various other areas of Europe, consisting of the Canary Islands and also Iceland are additionally covered. The North American continent additionally includes spruced up areas of the USA (consisting of considerable enhancements in Alaska) in addition to in Canada, and also the Central and also a few of the South American continent.

The Mountain ranges are totally changed from previous variations, and also more enhancements can be located around Japan and also the Pacific Islands, in addition to the waters and also islands around Australia.

By comparison, the UHD variation uses enhancements around New Zealand and also Japan, big parts of the western surface of the USA and also Canada, and also the Pyrenees, Alps, and also Scandinavia areas of Europe.

Generally, the add-on deals usually much better information on spots, hills, areas (flatlands) and also streets. Also the rivers and also rivers are additionally far more comprehensive.

This add-on is significantly worth the moment to mount. And also keep in mind, it is a task moving definition that there will certainly be plenty even more attachments and also updates in the future.

The data are divided right into “tiles” so there are around 174 floor tiles for the HD variation and also 11 floor tiles for the UHD variation. You can pick/choose what floor tile you would love to download and install in order to conserve disk room and also data transfer usage.

Nonetheless, if you want complete dimensions, you can locate them listed below:

Full HD Bundle download dimension: ~125 GB

Full UHD Bundle download dimension: ~48 GB

View/download the HD variation below. View/download the UHD variation below.

Currently, we proceed the real photoreal loads listed below …


Undoubtedly, a few of one of the most widely known and also quickly identifiable areas, in the real life and also the online one can be located in the USA. And also the brand-new surroundings attachments include to of one of the most attractive and also distinct area, not just in America yet the whole globe.

The Golden State Full

Probably the area of all areas is The golden state. And also the current add-on of the Golden State is full in its totality. This indicates that with simply one download, every little thing you would certainly see must you circumnavigate The golden state in the real life is currently offered to you from the online skies.

California coastline demonstration.

In addition to the legendary areas and also surroundings offered there are added airport terminals (consisted of in the initial download) that you can remove from and also land at, undoubtedly, intend a path that may absorb numerous of them at the same time. The Fifty Percent Moon Bay Airport terminal, for instance, in Fifty percent Moon Bay, or the Kern Valley Flight Terminal in Kernville, or probably you want to remove from Lee Vining Flight Terminal in Mono Area– whatever your selection, the information are extremely genuine and also make the experience as genuine as feasible.

In addition to the numerous areas, the total graphics and also better information are all enhanced. And also what’s even more, when set up, the mixing with various other states, or when it comes to The golden state with Mexico, is evidently simple and also error-free.

There are additionally some a lot more technological attributes that contribute to the total experience. As an example, when coming close to airport terminals, the ZL17 distance is enhanced from 4km to 15 kilometres. In A Similar Way, Contour Resistance is decreased from 1.0 to 0.7. There are additionally various Water Mask solutions set up, with the Water Mask Size enhanced from 8 to 25.

Certainly, The golden state is a state that all X-Plane 11 pilots must make the effort to find.

Download and install dimension: 12626 GB

View/download the data over below.

San Francisco Location HD

Certainly, among one of the most legendary and also identifiable cities in The golden state is San Francisco.

From the Golden Entrance Bridge that strides heaven waters of the Pacific, to the old Alcatraz jail simply off the coastline, to the cable cars that browse the spilling roads, the city by the bay is really aesthetically sensational in what it needs to use. Which is significantly the situation with the bordering bay location, which this orthophoto surroundings add-on for X-Plane 11 offers and also in doing, bringing an entire brand-new realistic look to the whole bay location.

San Francisco Bay scenery from above.

Like the majority of various other current such attachments, the images utilized in the San Francisco add-on originates from open-source satellite digital photography therefore leading to genuine, high-def image surroundings to be delighted in from the cabin of your selected aircraft. And also what’s even more, the whole San Francisco area is covered and also offered, with a lot of the more bordering locations additionally consisted of.

There are a lot of airport terminals where to remove from, or undoubtedly land at, and also these variety from the widely known areas such as San Francisco International, San Jose International, or Oakland International Airports, to various other less-known airport terminals in Napa Area, Fifty Percent Moon Bay, Palo Alto, or Livermore.

We must keep in mind, nonetheless, while the information is significantly worth it in order to really submerse oneself in experience of the online pilot, such extreme information calls for an equipment with great deals of disk room and also memory offered.

Additional sights to note is the reality that the bundle is easy to download and install, mount, and also run because of the pre-compiled structure floor tiles. This indicates there is no requirement to run any type of conversion procedures prior to utilizing the surroundings.

Download and install dimension: 68.26 GB

View/download the data over below.

Grand Canyon HD

If there is one more area that may equal The golden state, after that the Grand Canyon may well be it. And also what’s even more, the Grand Canyon is probably of equivalent attract the grizzled experts of the online skies as it will certainly likely be to beginner pilots. And also the factor is the credibility of the sights that wait for the online pilot as they require to the skies in the aircraft of their selection. The surroundings listed below, whether it is the cutting and also rugged high cliff sides, or the a number of rivers the pressure their means via the old and also magical surface of Arizona, the information are mainly awesome.

Grand Canyon in XP11.

As a matter of fact, a few of the ground structures are a few of the very best offered and also a renovation on the currently excellent high quality of basic surroundings (nonetheless, you must keep in mind below that you will certainly require to have great deals of RAM offered on your device, which itself will certainly require to be on the greater end of the graphics abilities for you to really experience this certain add-on!).

Probably the reality that the images is the item of real and also genuine satellite photos describes the sensible sights you will certainly experience must you decide to download and install the Grand Canyon add-on.

All the surface of the Grand Canyon is stood for below, consisting of the North and also South Edge, the East and also West Canyons, and also Havasu Falls. Moreover, like the California bundle over, there are various airport terminals where to remove from, consisting of Phoenix metro Skies Harbor International Flight Terminal, Grand Canyon National Forest Flight Terminal, Flagstaff Pullman Flight Terminal, and also Sedona Airport terminal.

If you believe you will certainly such as the California bundle, and also if you have a taste for Americana generally, this is an add-on that is as well excellent to neglect.

Download and install dimension: 881 GB

View/download the data over below.

Florida Full

If there is a place to equal the bright environment and also gold coastlines of The golden state, it makes sure to be located beyond of the USA in Florida, with such areas populated around the Sunlight State in wealth.

Nonetheless, there is additionally the greener, marshier setting of the Everglades, themselves equally as picturesque and also attractive as the renowned Floridian seaside hotels. And also, online pilots will certainly be pleased to understand that this X-Plane 11 add-on covers the whole state. Also the renowned blue waters of the Florida Keys are reproduced in sensational precision and also something approaching elegance.

Florida orthophoto scenery from above.

The surroundings itself is originated from real and also genuine satellite information and also is a sensational duplication of the sights you would certainly see must you take the skies over Florida in a genuine aircraft instead of a digital among your selection. And also, with the whole state to select from, after taking a trip over the online skies of Florida it is most likely you will certainly locate yourselves returning, over and over, such is the sensational information on screen, right to the ultra-accurate shorelines and also varying structures of the numerous landscapes and also surfaces.

All the significant airport terminals are offered, consisting of Miami International Airport terminal, Daytona Coastline International Flight Terminal, Trick West International Flight Terminal, and also Okeechobee Area Airport terminal, in addition to various little airport terminals, consisting of much of the path website utilized for basic tourist and also tuition. Without a doubt, if it is realistic look as a beginner to the online skies, those of Florida could be as excellent a location to experience it as any type of.

We must keep in mind that this certain bundle is a very big documents and also will certainly take a significant time to totally download and install and also mount on the majority of systems. Nonetheless, there is no requirement for any one of the conversion procedures because of the pre-compiled nature of the bundle.

Download and install dimension: 65.49 GB

View/download the data over below.


Just Like the USA, Europe, when taken in its entirety, as a comparable range of surfaces to discover from the air. So, it would certainly make good sense that with the current attachments that are offered, 2 of Europe’s the majority of awesome surroundings is stood for below.

Spain UHD

Probably prior to we analyze simply what you can anticipate if you pick to download and install the surroundings add-on for Spain, we must make you conscious that the data is exceptionally big. And also while that should not place you off downloading it– it is significantly worth the moment– maybe the situation that it will certainly take a number of days to finish the download. Nonetheless, must you make the most of the PRO membership, faster download choices are offered.

Spain photoreal in UHD.

When you have actually downloaded it, nonetheless, the zoom degree and also total resolution are much enhanced a bundle that was currently of top quality. As an example, the zoom degree is 17 on the peninsula and also 18 on the islands.

And also just like the surface of The golden state, Spain uses a mix of surface to analyze and also discover. What’s even more, every one of this surface has actually been virtually completely recreated in one of the most alert information for you to discover from the online skies.

Whether it is the rough hilly area, the lengthy, back road, and also stretching areas, or the elaborate streets and also structures of the communities and also cities, there is lots to discover, and also a lot of Spanish airport terminals to discover them from. In addition to the landmass there are several islands along the Spanish coastlines that are additionally available and also offered.

The total structures of the water– both interior and also coastline– are much enhanced, as are those on the wealth of various surfaces.

While it may take a while to obtain the Spain add-on downloaded and install and also set up, you will certainly locate the delay was well worth it.

Download and install dimension: 31588 GB

View/download the data over below.

The Alps (Western)

The western areas of the Alps are the very first of a number of launches that want to duplicate this most remarkable and also distinct area worldwide for the online pilot to after that discover. This certain add-on discovers the areas that extend from Lyon to Sion, consisting of Geneva, Mont Blanc, Bern, St. Gervais, and also Chamonix. And also what’s even more, every one of these areas are extremely outlined and also genuine.

The Alps in X-Plane 11.

The graphics and also surroundings is the outcome of open-source satellite images which most likely adds to the total credibility and also real feeling of the item.

Resolution zoom degree 16 and also 17 are utilized in the bundle, and also the high resolution is instantly obvious. We must keep in mind, like various other bundles, a premium system with a great graphics card is needed to obtain the complete result from this add-on. Nonetheless, we must additionally keep in mind that if this is not feasible, a smaller sized bundle is offered (although the resolution is smaller sized).

As Well As, keeping that last factor in mind, those that choose to take the add-on– and also why would not you with all that gets on deal below– they have to additionally be planned for considerable download time, comparable to that of the Spain add-on pointed out over.

Download and install dimension: 3984 GB

View/download the data over below.


An additional of Europe’s finest locations to check out from the air is the hilly island of Corsica off the southerly French coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. Once more, like much of the add-on bundles over, Zoom Degree 17 has actually been utilized to duplicate this remarkable island. And also again, the hills, woodlands, and also extracted paths are all excellent to be checked out from above.

Corsica Island.

The whole island is offered, consisting of the 4 primary airport terminals, and also a number of smaller sized ones, every one of which are offered below in this complimentary download. As an instance, you can anticipate to leave for your online trips from such areas as Ajaccio Airport terminal, Campo dell Oro Airport terminal, or Poretta Airport terminal.

In a similar way, much of the communities and also cities on the island have actually been recreated in their totality and also completely information. These consist of the resources of Ajaccio, Aleria, Saint-Florent in addition to the numerous treking tracks, woodlands, and also complete national forests.

Like much of the attachments over, the documents dimension is reasonably big and also might take a significant time to download and install. Nonetheless, quick Net rate in this certain situation will certainly aid in this significantly.

Download and install dimension: 7.57 GB

View/download the data over below.

Various Other International Locations

While the USA and also Europe are both remarkable areas to fly over with much to see, there is a whole earth to check out. Keeping that in mind, after that, we must check out a few of the various other attachments that are offered for X-Plane 11.

Australia Full

This add-on offers the virtually the whole nation of Australia, consisting of such vital areas as Syndey, New South Wales, Queensland, and also the north, southerly, and also eastern areas of the nation. Every one of the nation has a zoom degree of 14, besides Sydney which is offered in Ultra Hd and also a zoom degree of 17.

Australia complete photoreal in XP11.

A lot of the graphics and also surface structures are based upon genuine genuine satellite images which offers a total real feeling to the add-on.

With this certain add-on, additionally, the image data are pre-built right into the DDS layout for X-Plane which indicates there is no requirement to transform each of the data by hand. As you may anticipate, the download time for such a massive area in such high information will certainly be rather considerable. Nonetheless, like the majority of these complimentary surroundings attachments, it is significantly worth the delay.

Download and install dimension: 682 GB

View/download the data over below.

New Zealand Full

Although it in some cases is forgotten for its much bigger next-door neighbor, New Zealand additionally flaunts a few of one of the most sensational and also attractive surfaces on the whole earth. From the chain of mountains to the areas of environment-friendly, every little thing concerning New Zealand is aesthetically fascinating.

This probably makes the photoreal surroundings add-on for X-Plane 11 much more outstanding, as their credibility and also the total sensible result is sensational, to state the least. As a matter of fact, the information in every means is fastidiously precise.

The satellite images utilized to create such credibility originates from the Land Details New Zealand (LINZ) satellite and also is reproduced for the online globe virtually completely. The nation itself is divided right into 9 areas or locations. On the North Island are Eastern Cape, Northland, Taranaki, and also Wellington, while on the South Island there is Canterbury, Otago, Southland, Tasman, and also West Coastline.

Mountains of New Zealand using the scenery in X-Plane 11.

Additionally, there are a number of significant airport terminals consisted of (in addition to a number of lesser-known, smaller sized ones). These consist of Christchurch International Airport terminal, Wellington International Flight Terminal, Auckland Flight Terminal, Dunedin International Flight Terminal, and also Queenstown Airport terminal.

As we may anticipate, with the whole nation to discover, there are a number of really interesting locations to check out. These consist of the Milford Noise, probably ideal experienced in little, single-engine airplane so regarding value the really outstanding glaciers and also distinct landscape. Or, must you choose to start your trip from Franz Josef Airport terminal you will certainly experience the awesome sight of the bordering hills prior to venturing right into the air to bargain their optimals and also witness their elegance close-up.

A comparable experience can be delighted in must you choose to start your online trip from the Mount Chef Aerodrome. When air-borne, you can browse around Aoraki Mount Chef National forest, experiencing the strikingly reproduced information as you do so. On the other hand, on the South Island, must you leave from Queensland, an attractive mix of the hilly landscape and also deep cutting valleys await your satisfaction from the online skies.

Upon downloading and install, these far more upgraded and also detail-heavy surroundings bundles will instantly change the default structures and also surroundings offering the online pilot a a lot more sensible experience as they overlook from the online skies over New Zealand. This coincides for any type of various other spots or ground results.

Once Again, and also as we may anticipate, the documents dimension is one more specifically big one and also calls for considerable room in addition to (most of the times) taking a significant quantity of time to download and install and also mount.

By the way, this surroundings is a free software launch yet is a lot more precisely donation-ware. Must you want to give away to the designers, whether to reveal your gratitude for their superior job or to add to the advancement of future, comparable surroundings attachments, you can do so on the download listing. It is an excellent means to proactively add to the proceeding advancement of the online pilot area.

Download and install dimension: 195.73 GB

View/download the data over below.

Last Factors

… so there you have our collection of the current and also best free software photoreal loads for XP11 We will certainly remain to upgrade this short article (most likely month-to-month) with any type of brand-new launches (and also there will certainly be some!)

As you can see, every one of the packs are large in filesize and also will certainly need ample disk room and also a quick Net link in order to download them. This is the nature of this kind of surroundings – it ’ s extremely outlined.

Like the majority of the above, while downloading and install and also consistent use these attachments is totally complimentary, you will certainly be asked if you want to give away to the developer behind the attachments. And also while this contribution is totally optional and also will certainly not influence your download or capacity to utilize it, it is advised for the purpose and also proceeded development of such online trip designers and also programs, that such a contribution is made, nonetheless big or little.

Don ’ t fail to remember, this is just a look of what we have offered in the documents collection. Take a look at the whole surroundings area for X-Plane 11 below. Or, if you ’ re not after surroundings and also intend to check out airplane and also various other attachments, you can locate our full documents collection below.

There will certainly be plenty a lot more photoreal surroundings attachments that appear as the months take place. Ensure you bookmark this web page and also remain to inspect back below for updates.

We would certainly enjoy to hear your viewpoints. Please publish your remarks in the area listed below. What ’ s your preferred documents? What bundle did you delight in one of the most? Have we missed out on any type of? What various other locations would certainly you such as to see?