Actress Jaya Bhattacharya, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabha Bahu Thi, shaved her head and put the video on Instagram. The clip helped her improve her productivity during the Kovid 19 pandemic.

In one of the videos she saw her wool drying, like she said: I’ve washed my coat well and every time I come home after feeding my dogs or distributing food, whether day or night, I make a point of washing my coat. And in our house we soak our clothes in hot water and soap and bathe from head to toe. It will be very difficult for me to take care of my hair. Yesterday I made a decision and we’ll see how far I can go. Then she cuts her hair in a different video over and over again.

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The surprise wanted to do it a long time ago, but never had enough motivation. It helps me work freer and better. Lunchtime Motivation Lunchtime Motivation Lunchtime Motivation Feed the homeless Feed the hungry Feed the hungry Feed the hungry Feed the hungry Feed the hungry #coronatime #covid19mumbai #lockdowndiaries #lockdowneended #doyourbit #behilfly #weiredtimes #doyourbest #lifeisbeautiful as you make @ankitbathla10 SORRY wrote next to the post.

That’s what she said in one of the videos: I never really cared about my looks or anything. Action is important to me, the other work I do is important to me.

She also said that her children often threatened her with losing her good looks because she is an actress, and added that her son Ankit even threatened not to speak to her if she cut her hair as often as she did. Jaya also made a joke about not having a rubber band to control her hair. She continues to list the reasons why she shaved when her hair was cut and finally shaved.

I sweat all the time because of these long dresses. I have to go outside to provide my driver with electricity, and so many other people can’t limit themselves to air conditioning. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stop all this to preserve my beauty. It’s just hair, there’s wigs. Greet the wigs! Will use wigs while filming, he did it a lot anyway, she says in one of the videos.

She recently starred in the critically acclaimed web series Delhi Crime and has worked on several films, television shows and soap operas, including Upnishad Ganga, Devon Keev Mahadev and Devda Sanjaya Lila Bhansali.